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Welcome to our family. Now is the time to realize the value of niche marketing to the gay and lesbian market through the GoPride.com Network of local websites.

GoPride.com is a community. There are numerous news and informational websites catering to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) market, but GoPride.com is the only website that develops a loyal membership base through the use of high-end technology which incorporates best practices in relationship marketing.

Because GoPride.com relies on the importance of member marketing relationships and "lifestyle" relationships, we've been able to build a very loyal membership base.

GoPride Corporation
3712 North Broadway
Reception #471
Chicago, Illinois 60613

Live. Play. Go All Out.        Capturing the faces, feelings, places and meanings of everything LGBT       
The lesbian, gay, bi, trans and straight ally news, travel, charity and people network




August 2012 GoPride.com Model of the Month
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